Condolence… Mr. Maclean Sosono

Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Maclean Sosono, the Board Chair of MANASO, who passed away on Sept 11th, 2013. We are extremely grateful to his contribution to MANASO. He was a visionary leader with exemplary morals and values. Not only us, but everyone associated with him, are at loss. While we are finding the exact words to describe his sudden demise,  we certainly know that he will be missed. We know that Mr. Sosono’s soul is at peace as he is resting with the lord. Thank you so much Mr. Maclean Sosono for what he has done to MANASO and the cause that he deeply believed in.

Mr. Maclean Sosono, Board Chair of MANASO

Mr. Maclean Sosono, Board Chair of MANASO

 “What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” -Helen Keller

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3 Responses to Condolence… Mr. Maclean Sosono

  1. ishmael says:

    May his soul rest in internal peace. Ishmael

  2. The funeral ceremony went very well. Many people from all walks of life attended. He was indeed an inspiration to many. He will be missed.

  3. Nabanda says:

    May Maclean’s soul continue resting in peace. God has indeed his own ways

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