The Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisations (MANASO) is a local non governmental organization dedicated to contribute to the reduction of HIV prevalence and alleviation of suffering caused by the HIV epidemic in Malawi through coordination, capacity building, mobilization and allocation of resources to AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in Malawi. It was formed in 1996 to coordinate and network the activities of AIDS Service Organisations in Malawi.

MANASO emphasizes the need to network in HIV and AIDS programs because of the realization that the problems we are trying to address are too large for any individual or organization to face on their own. The ethical, technical and managerial demands of the challenges of HIV and AIDS are of such a scale that they can only be addressed through maximum corporation among players.

MANASO has over the past years worked with AIDS Service Organizations in Malawi and beyond in the areas of; strengthening coordination and collaboration, sharing of experiences and good practices, and improving their technical and financial capacities. MANASO has organized skills development workshops for Community Based Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations to help them improve the quality and scale of service delivery. This has been done through a number of strategies including: formal training workshops, direct technical assistance provision to member organisations, facilitated networking forums and conferences, and exchange visits.


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