MANASO activities are in line with the National HIV and AIDS policy which highlights the need for strengthening and sustaining a comprehensive multi-sectoral response to HIV and AIDS by promoting coordination and networking of ASOs.  The following are some of the activities undertaken by MANASO:

Generating and sharing of information and best practices — MANASO provides a platform for its members to establish and maintain effective communications with each other through networking forums and exchange visits which call for exchange and analysis of information and shared good practices to provide for an attainment of common goals and objectives.

Skills and capacity building — MANASO provides both formal and informal opportunities for enhancing the skills levels of member organizations.  ASOs acquire various skills through workshops and seminars such as project management, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization, HIV and AIDS management among others.  MANASO undertakes onsite technical support visits to members to provide them with tailor made and timely assistance which reaches out to many individuals within the community.

Advocacy and building solidarity — MANASO coordinates advocacy actions for matters of mutual concern to members.  MANASO identifies advocacy issues from among its membership and communities through a number of strategies including, evidence gathering through research, community discussion forums and networking forums among others.


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