MANASO’s Recent Projects and Partners:

M4 (in partnership with DFID Interact Worldwide)

    • Improved SRH&R awareness and knowledge among marginalized young people, sex workers and prisoners
    • Increased equity in access to and uptake of quality SRH and HIV/AIDS information and services
    • Improved policies and practices in SRH
    • Increased organizational and technical effectiveness of MANASO

Pezani Mwayi (in partnership with  Waverley Care LTD)

    • Raise awareness around prevention, promotion of benefits of regular STI and HIV screening through EBT prevention
    • Raise awareness on effects of gender based violence
    • Increasing  awareness levels amongst policy makers, human rights and  service organizations on issues affecting the most at risk population
    • Policy and advocacy towards stigma and discrimination

Positive Participatory Development Policies (in partnership with  EU)

    • Improved capacity of MANASO member NSAs to engage with their constituencies’ in the identification of needs in relation to policies and programmes
    • Increased Participation of MANASO and MANASO member NSAs in policy research, analysis and formulation process
    • Strengthened capacity in networking and framing of issues
    • Strengthened capacity in policy and advocacy

Community Support towards Women and OVCs (in partnership with  Scottish Executive)

    • ASOs capacity building on Rights Based Approaches with focus on gender and OVCs
    • CSM
    • Agricultural skills transfer to women

Capacity building and Networking (in partnership with  National AIDS Commission)

    • Increased involvement of civil society organizations in the national HIV and AIDS response
    • Improved coordination, collaboration and partnerships among civil society organizations
    • Strengthened HIV and AIDS activities reporting by CSOs
    • Create a supportive environment for HIV prevention

Leadership Through Accountability (in partnership with  MANET +, WAC and GNP+)

    • Evidence gathering using LTA tools
    • Increased policy dialogue and advocacy

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